Information Notice

Information of the envisaged persons under Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 regarding the

processing of personal data by the company SEG HORECA S.R.L.


According to the provisions of Art. 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC – the General Data Protection Regulation („Regulation UE No. 679/2016”), the company SEG HORECA S.R.L., registered with the Bucharest Trade Registry under No. J40/9481/2015, having Sole Registration No. RO 34841440, with its headquarters in Bucharest municiple, 3rd District, 11 Franceză, Data Protection Officer:, as personal data controller (hereinafter called as the „Data Controller” or „Us”), is processing your personal data on the occasion of your touristic accomodation at „Mansion Boutique Hotel” (the „Hotel”) located and operated at the Data Processor’s headquarters, under the following conditions:

  • Your personal data that may be subject to processing (“Data”): name, surname, domicile address, date and place of birth, citizenship, series and number of your identity document, data of your debit/credit card or other information regarding the payment of our invoices, place of work, data of your emplyer (as the case may be), reservation code, details regarding your trip-voyage and touristic tour, your signature and your image that might be reccorded by the video surveillance cameras located in the the public areas within the Hotel (with your information) as well as, if and to the extent that you provide voluntarily, your email address within the context of the reservation of your accomodation at the Hotel and of the review of your satisfaction with respect to our services, your prefferences within the context of your accomodation at the Hotel, as well as your photo image, your name, surname, job title  and name of your employer and your customer review within the context of promoting our services.

We hereby ask you to consider the fact that your personal data are subject to processing by Us and by some of our business partners on the occasion of the reservation of rooms at the Hotel and accomodation at the Hotel, reservation and rental of the Hotel’s conference room, reservation of turistic tours provided by our business partners, ensuring the security of you and of your goods/values, reviewing your satisfaction regarding Our services and promoting our services, in view of optimal performance of our services, observance of our legal and contractual obligations and achievement of our legitimate interests, therefore your eventual refusal to provide/put at your disposal certain Data may, in some cases, trigger the impossibility of providing you Our services.

  • Data Processing Purposes: performance of our services requested by you, your use of these services, the invoicing and payment of the costs related to Our services, the safeguard of you and your assets/values within our Hotel, Hotel clients’ satisfaction review, promotion of our services;
  • Legal Grounds of the Data processing: the execution and performance of the contracts regarding our hotel accomodation services, conference room rental services, as well as turistic tours services provided by our business partners, fulfillment of our legal obligations, achievement of our legitimate interests, envisaged persons’ consent.
  • Data receivers: In order that you benefit from our best services, your Data may be accessed only by our employees specifically empowered in this respect and some of our business partners to whom we shall provide only the Data nacessary for the specific activities entrusted to them, in observance of the relevant applicable legal obligations. In addition, your Data might be transferred to public authorities/institutions/other entities, to investigation, prosecution, enforcement and judicial bodies and/or to consultants, in view of fulfillment of legal obligations and/or achievement of legitimate interests.
  • Data Storage Duration: We store your Data only for the period necessary for the achievement of the purposes for which they have been collected and, as the case may be, for the period necessary for the fulfillment o our legal obligations.
  • Your Rights: Accordind to the Regulation UE No. 679/2016, you have the right of access to the Data provided, the right to request their rectification and/or erasure, or the restriction of their processing, the right to Data portability, the right to be notified in case of Data security breaches, as well as the right to oppose to the processing, within the conditions of the applicable laws. In addition, you may withraw at any time your consent regarding the Data processing in the cases such processing is done based on your consent, your consent being necessary for the processing according to law. Moreover, you have the right to reffer to justice an/or the National Authority for Surveillance of Personal Data Processing („ANSPDCP”).

We hereby ask you to inform Us of any change to your Data provided to us, in order to fulfill our obligation to store only up to date Data.

In case that, in view of performing a reservation at the Hotel or for any other purpose implying the processing of Data you provide to us personal data of another person, to transfer this information notice to the respective person and to obtain their approval in view of the processing thereof (in the cases such approval is neccessary according to the applicable laws).

For further information regarding the protection of the personal data subject to our processing, you may revew our Privacy Policy available on our Internet Website ( and at the Hotel and our headquarters.

For any other requests that you may have regarding the exercise of your above-mentioned rights  regarding our processing of the Data, including regarding the witrawal at any time of your consent given to Us in this matter, as well as for any questions regardin the content of this informatin notice, you may contact Us either at the mail address of our Hotel and headuarters (above-mentioned), or via email at:

Version updated on: 9 april 2019