Cookies Policy

This policy regulates the use of cookies through the website (the “Website”) owned and operated by the company SEG HORECA S.R.L., a Romanian legal person with headquarters in Bucharest municiple, 3rd District, 11 Franceză Street, Romania, registered with the Bucharest Trade Registry under No. J40/9481/2015, having EUID Code ROONRCJ40/9481/2015 and Sole Registration Code/Fiscal Code RO 34841440 (the „Data Controller” or „Us”), that owns and operates “The Mansion Boutique Hotel” located at its headquarters’ address. The company is data controller of your personal data and the entity providing to you, both directly (at the Hotel and through the Website) and through its business partners, Hotel reservation and accomodation services,  conference room reservation and rental services at the Hotel, and turistic tours reservation and performance services at the Hotel, according to your necessities and expectations (the „Services”).


Thus, within the terms and conditions below, through the Website the Data Controller:


(i) uses cookies that are essential/necessary for the functioning of the Website; and


(ii) based on your consent, intends to use statistics cookies for the analysis of the Website’s visitors’ behavior.


  1. 1. What is a „cookie”? Cathegories/Types of cookies

A “cookie” is a small dimensions file composed of letters and figures which is stored on the computer, mobile terminal or other equipment of a user from which Internet is accessed. The cookie is installed upon the request issued by a web-server of a browser (e.g., without limitation, Internet Explorer, Chrome, MozillaFirefox, etc.) and is “passive” (does not contain software programmes, viruses or spywares and cannot access the information on the user’s hard drive).

A cookie is composed of two parts: the name and the content or the value of the cookie. The existence duration of a cookie is determined. Technically only the web-server that transmitted the cookie may access it again on the moment a user returns on the website associated to the respective web-server.

The cookie stores important information which makes a better navigation experience on the Internet (e.g., the settings of the language in which it is intended the access to a site, online banking security, etc.).

The cookies by themselves do not require personal information for being used and, in most cases, do not identify personally the Internet users.

There are the main cookies categories:


„Essential” and „Non-essential” Cookies

Essential cookies: present one of the following two characteristics:

•           they are used exclussively for the performance or the facilitation of a network communication; or

•           are strictly necessary for the provision of an online service (e.g., our site or a service on our site) requested by you.

Non-essential cookies: These do not fall within the definition of essential cookies because they are not strictly necessary for the functioning of a site or of the services offerred  on a site, as the cookies used for analysing the behaviour on a website („analytical cookies”) or cookies used for the display of advertisment.

Session and persistent Cookies

Cookies may be of two types: „session” and „persistent”, depending on their storage duration after being placed in your browser. These are temporarily stored in the cookie file of the web browser so that it memorise them until the user leaves the respective websiste or closes the browser’s window (e.g.,: in the moment of logging in/out on a webmail account or on social networkings).

Session Cookies: they remain on the device as long as the web navigator is open. They expire when the web navigator is closed.

Persistent Cookies: they expire at a determined moment in time or if they are erased manually form the web navigator. They are stored on the hardrive of a computer or equipment (and in general depend on the previously establieshed cookie lifecycle). Persistent cookies include also those placed on another website than the one visited by the user at a certain time, known by the name “third party cookie” (cookies placed by third parties), which can be used anonimously for memorising the interests of a user so that more relevant advertisment for the users be delivered.

In addition, cookies may also divide according to the entity that manages them, thus being either own (in that case of the Data Controller) or of other parties.

Depending on their purpose, there may be: (a) technical cookies (necessary for navigation), (b) statistics cookies (collecting information on the way users use a website, such as which are the most popular pages, what connection methed between pages is the most efficient and whether the users encounter error messages on the webpages), (c) functional/preference cookies (they remember the user’s choices in order to improve their navigation experience), (d) advertisement cookies (for managing advertisement areas) or behavioural advertisement cookies (advertisement on a website).

 “First party” and “third party“ Cookies

Depending on the website/Internet domain placing a cookie, cookies are divided in “first party” and “third party” cookies.

“First party” cookies are placed by the Internet domain/website accessed/visited by the user (a of which URL address is displayed in the user’s browser).

A “third party” cookie is placed by another Internet domain/website than the one accessed by the user; this means that the accessed website will also process information providing from  another Internet domain/website.

Additional information regarding cookies may be found by accessing the following website:

  1. 2. Cookies used and that We intend to use, on the Website:


According to the legal provisions in the field, we are entitled to store cookies on your devices in case such are strictly necessary/essential for the operation of the Website. With respect to all the other cookie types, according to law, we need to obtain your consent.


The Website uses cookies which are essential/necessary for its operation. In addition, based on your consent, we intend to also use statistics cookies for the analysis of your behavior on our website placed by third party providers of statistics services regarding your behavior on the Website.


  1. A. Essential /necessary Cookies


Essential cookies (strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Website) are helping make the Website usable by activating basis functions such as page navigation and the access to the secured areas of the Website. The Website cannot function properly without these cookies and for this reason, according to law their use by Us is not conditional upon Website’s visitors’ consent.

The essential/necessary cookies currently used on the Website are:


NameProviderOwn / of third partiesPurposeSession / PersistentType
ci_sessionthemansionhotel.roOwnMaintains the session active between the user and the serverSessionHTTP
useracceptthemansionhotel.roOwnRemembers the user’s consent regarding the use on the Website of those cookies that can be used on the Website conditional upon their consent.1 monthHTTP


The legal grounds for the personal data processing through the use of essential cookies of a website: processing of personal information regarding the users of our Website contained by or obtained through essential cookies is being made for our legitimate interest as data controller [articlel 6 paragraph (1) recital (f) of the General Personal Data Processing Regulation (GDPR)), that consisting in the necessity to ensure the best functioning of the Website.


  1. B. Statistics Cookies


Each time when you visit the Website, the software provided by third parties can generate an analytic cookie which informs whether you have previously visited the Website. The browser informs us if you have this cookie, and if not, we can generate one. This allows the monitoring of the users who visit the Website, how often they visit it and what pages they read on it. The analytical/performance/statistics cookies are not essential/necessary for the proper functioning of a website.


Our Website uses Google Analytics, an Internet traffic analysis program provided by  the third-party Google, Inc. (“Google”) located in the USA. Google Analytics uses analytical/performance/statistics cookies in order to help us analyse the manner you use the Website. The information generated by the Google Analytics cookies about your use of the Website are generally transmitted  to a Google server from the U.S.A. and stored locally (Google Analytics holds Privacy Shield certification – EU-US Confidentiality Shield, for the section non-HR, thus ensuring an adequate security level for personal data recognized by the European Commission). However, the information collected with the help of the analytical cookie modules on the Website are collected anonymously. Thus, as we have activated the anonymisation of the IP address of the Website’s users/visitors, although measurements are made regarding a user’s visits on the Website and their interaction with the Website, We only have access to aggregated data which do not identify that user but show their belonging to a group, and the visitor’s IP address shall be truncated by Google in EU Member States or in the states party to the EEA prior to their transfer to the USA. Only in exceptional cases a full IP address shall be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and truncated locally on that territory.


Google shall use this information for the purposes of evaluating your use of the Website, of compiling reports on the Website’s activity and of providing other services in relation to our activity. Google may also transmit this information to certain third parties in case that is required by law or in case such third parties are data processors in the name of Google. Google shall not associate your IP address with other data it holds.


The Google Analytics cookies are classified as primary cookies, because they are established  by the Website’s domain, although Google collects and processes information by the use of Google Analytics. More information regarding the way Google manages ths information collected through Google Analytics are in the Google Analytics’ Privacy Policy available here: Detailed regarding the manner  in which Google uses data from the cookies it uses (including the way you may controll the information transmitted to Google) may be found by accessing :

Renouncing at the monitoring offered by Google Analytics on all websites in general is made by following the instructions at this address:

The legal grounds for the processing of personal data contained in, or obtained through, the statistics cookies is: the prior consent of the envisaged persons [article 6 paragraph (1) recital (a) of the General Regulation regarding the Personal Data Protection (GDPR)].

Below there are mentioned the cookies that may be used by the Website for its performance analysis/statistics, conditional upon your consent:


NameSupplierOwn / Of third partiesPurposeSession / PersistentExpiry DateType
_gathemansionhotel.roPropriuStatistici / Analitic (Google Analytics)


It is used for obtaining information regarding the way the users visit our Website. We use the information for preparing reports/ststistics and for improving  the functioning of the Website (this cookie memorises the user’s ID for generating ststistics with respect to the users’ activity on the Website). The cookies collect information in an anonimous manner, including the number of visitors of the Website and the pages visited by them.

Persistent2 yearsHTTP
_gatthemansionhotel.roOwnStatistici / Analitic (Google Analytics)


Used for accellerating the rate of website requests (it is used for limiting the accession rate of the destinatary server).

Session1 dayHTTP
_gidthemansionhotel.roOwnStatistici / Analitic (Google Analytics)


Registers an unique identifier which is used to generate statistical data regarding the way the user uses the  website (this cookie remembers the user’s ID in order to generate ststistics with respect to the users’ activity on the website).

Session 1 dayHTTTP
cidsojern.comOwnStatistici / AnaliticPersistent 2 yearsHTTTPS
apnidappnexus.comOwnStatistici / AnaliticPersistent 60 daysHTTTPS
dc-advsojern.comOwnPersistent / AnaliticPersistent 2 yearsHTTTPS
dc-partsojern.comOwnStatistici / AnaliticPersistent 2 yearsHTTTPS


  1. 3. The purpose of using cookies and the legal grounds of their use


The Data Controller uses the above-mentioned cookies both for ensuring the proper functioning of the Website and for improving the Website’ performance and the services provided through it, so that the users beneffit from a pleasant experience when using the Website.


  1. 4. How can you block/erase/modify the cookies on the website

Your options regarding the use of statistics cookies are available to the Website’s users in the dialogue box displayed in the Website – there you can choose the extent of processing that you wish; we have implicitly set out the processing of the essential/necessary cookies. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data through the use of cookies by deleting the cookies that have been previously placed in your browser. Thus, most web navigator types allow the blocking of all cookie type modules, including the essential/necessary cookies. However, you must consider that by disabling and consequently the refusal to accept essential/necessary cookies may deem our Website impracticable or difficult to visit and use (certain components and functions of the Website may be adversely affected). You must know that your browser may allow you to choose, specifically/granularly, which Internet pages have always, or never have the permission to use cookies.


In order to delete cookies that have been previously placed in your browser, you must  select the delete option of the navigation history, making sure that the delete option is active when proceeding like that. In addition, you may block the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser. All the modern browsers offer the possibility to change the settings of used cookies. These settings may be generally found in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your browser. Thus, you may set that your browser to not accept cookies, or accept only cookies from a certain website. The way to do this may be found by accessing the following links with respect to the most popular web navigators:

(a)            Google Chrome:

(b)           Mozilla Firefox:

(c)            Microsoft Internet Explorer:

(d)           Apple Safari:

(e)            Microsoft Edge: (Edge)


Certain browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, allow the amendment of the settings for the navigation in “incognito” mode, thus limiting the amount of data input on a device and the automatic deletion of all the persistent cookie modules introduced on the device when the navigation session ends. There are as well numerous applications of third parties that may be added in the browser to block or administer the cookies.


In addition, you may prevent the collection by Google of the data generated by cookies and those associated to the use by you of our Internet page (including your IP address), as well as the other ways processing of such data by Google, through uploading and installing of the Browser-Plug-in which may be accessed at the following link:


Browser extension for excluding Google Analytics. You may renounce to Google Analytics by installing the browser extension available here:

IAB has offered the following Internet page providing especially information regarding the confidentiality issues in connection with Internet advertising:

Comprehensive information regarding the way in which organizations use cookie modules are available at the address:


  1. Our Contact Details

In order to withdraw your consent granted regarding the use of statistics cookies through the Website (which you may do at any time and free of charge), as well as for any other information regarding the content of this Policy, you may contact Us, to the attention of our Data Protection Officer, by:

(i)             Mail, at the Hotel and our headquarters’ postal address from: Bucharest, 3rd District, 11 Franceză Street, Romania; or

(ii)           Email, at:

  1. The Date of this Policy. Future Amendments

This Policy is complemented by our Privacy Policy published on the Website. This Policy may be amended and updated in the future as We shall deem necessary (e.g., following law and practice amendments in the relevant industry, amendments regarding the Data Controller’s personal data processing operations, etc.), its latest update being mentioned below:

Version updated on: 9 April 2019