The Mansion Boutique Hotel

the story

The Mansion Boutique Hotel is located in the Old Town of Bucharest, the most vibrant and full-of-life place where the antique and the new blend harmoniously and vintage decor keep hidden the history of the Old Capital.

This place rich of stories convinced us to find out more about The Mansion’s building and, therefore, we found out that Alexander Protopopescu lived here, well known architect in the years 1850-1870. He used the property as a commercial center, on the ground floor he had a store of furs and hats, whilst also running a hotel upstairs. Protopopescu was a close friend of the royal house and it was rumored that even King Carol I came to visit his architect friend, discreetly participating  at a few balls and parties organized here. The small hotel further accommodated treasurers of the Belgian Royal House, ruled at the time by Leopold I, and also the family members of Prince Florestan of Monaco.

Today the place is entirely restored, the old hotel is “dressed” in new clothes, but it kept the noble air of past times. We turned the place into a friendly pension, a comfortable and pervious place, perfect for those who want to combine the fun from The Old Town with business meetings.

At the entrance you can find Il Peccato, a famous italian restaurant with years of years of tradition in the Old Town, and upstairs we have reinterpreted the concept of personalized bedrooms. Thus, each room now has its own origin, its story, energy and uniqueness.

Hence, we invite you to The Mansion Boutique Hotel where history and modern life, past and present, meet in a perfect elliptical frame, right in the center of Bucharest.